A Victorian Christmas Market at Schloss Drachenburg

Step into a storybook as Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol comes to life at Schloss Drachenburg.  Characters like Scrooge wander about the market murmuring bah-humbugs or Merry Christmas!

The Victorian-style Christmas market is not only upheld by actors (with various short performances in and around the castle at unscheduled times), but also the vendors selling goods.  Most stands consist of handmade and specialty items like woodwork, knitted scarves, candles, etc., instead of cheap plastic toys seen at most typical Christmas markets these days.  Joining in the spirit, vendors dress up in Victorian clothing as well, making the whole experience feel jolly and nostalgic.

Even guests participate by wearing top hats, long coats, and even dressed up as full-out characters.  For those interested in steampunk styles, this is the Christmas market for you!

While the market itself takes place on the grassy area outside the castle, the facility is open for visitors to wander and enjoy its …

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