Nonke Buusjke

Nestled between forest and fields on the outskirts of Schinveld, the Netherlands, lies a plot of land preserved through history.  This small open-air museum is known as Nonke Buusjke, meaning "Uncle's Little Forest Retreat" in local Dutch dialect.

The charming open-air museum was imagined by Thei Berkers, who dreamed of a time when life was more simple.  All the artifacts on display originate from this region of South Limburg around the turn of the 20th century.  Each building has its own furnishings collected in its proper place, from the clog-making barn and woodworking shop to the washroom and baking house.

While you're there, enjoy a slice of authentic Limburgse vlaai (fruit pie) and cup of coffee in the village courtyard.  Just purchase some tokens at the store first to exchange for your snack.

Hidden away in the forest, Nonke Buusjke has a quiet charm and slower pace.  Look around at interesting old tools, walk through the garden, or just sit and enjoy your warm p…

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